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Game rules Sensball®

The game is based on the rules, which are near to the rules of the real big football. The time of setting out the pieces, penalty and cornerkicks and other playing moments are not included in the time of the game

The goalposts, 11 pieces of footballer of each team and the ball must be set out before to start the game. The distance between the pieces should be 6 cm (the length of the piece) and 6 cm to the postline. The game starts after the players decide whose team kicks the ball first

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the game is to score well

Main Rules

- During attack the post are keeped by moving the piece of goalkeeper. (The piece is held by the straight fingers.)

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- The ball is moved by touch of piece


- You can score a goal with help of two footballer-pieces

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- The other team gets the right of the ball in following cases:
  • if during some period of time there are no kicks into the post;
  • if the ball was touched by piece of team, which awares instead of team which attacks;
  • if there are other rules concerned between the teams

- If the piece falls (for example by touching of the ball) it should be immediately put in vertical position

- When the piece falls by touching of arm or something else except of the ball the team gets red or yellow card. Since this moment the other team has right to kick the ball

- If the ball crossed the lateralline should be out

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- If the ball crossed the postline should be kicked the cornerkick

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- Penalty is kicked from your place straight to the goalpost. During penalty the piece of the goalkeeper is on the postline and is held by one finger. During the kick goalkeeper tries to aware the post by catching the ball

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